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Evang Adetutu Thomas - Ipe Emi

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Evang Adetutu Thomas - Ipe Emi

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Amana Fee : I always enjoy this song
ayotunde dehinsilu : Highly inspirational! May God bless you and empower you to do things beyond your natural ability in all areas of your life.
Amana Fee : More anointing ma,
Amana Fee : Kudos to you ma, more anointing ma
Adetutu Eze : Yes he will never share his glory with anyone
Comfort Boboye : I want new album
Olu Ogunyinka : Awesome praise and wonderful worship,May God bless you ma’am
Abi Disu : Nice
Adeboye Ronke,elizabeth : But 9jagosplemusic this is theft! Pure piracy uploading someone's work without permission or payment this is really not cool
Lizzy Abbey : Hallelujah

Woodworking with Ipe: Tips for Finishing and Machining

Ipe is a beautiful hardwood mostly used in the decking industry because it's a robust wood that can really withstand exposure to the elements. But it's also a fantastic wood to use in fine woodworking projects like furniture, cutting boards, picture frames, keepsake boxes, tables, patio furniture, desks, inlays and more. Some say it's a beast to work with, but not so if you're using the right tools. Here's a little bit about how to work with ipe, how to finish ipe with an oil or a lacquer, and an overview of what the wood is like.
DTM : Being myself from Brazil, Ipe is probably one of the most common trees you see around in the cities and countryside... Lots of furniture made of it as well... For that reason perhaps I find it a bit boring... Love the tree, but not a fan of the lumber color.
rosebudforglory : Cutting isn’t the problem, it’s nailing, screwing and glueing.
anotherhardcase : Can ipe take a steam bend?
Shantel Fullerton : You can use woodprix instructions to build it in the cheapest way.
Brio Product Group : this is very misleading. IPE chips out like crazy with bigger router bits.
Bob Le Clair : I was told,cutting it will cause sparks,,it’s hard wood,,iron family,,it is a beautiful wood,keep your blades sharp
Robert Shaver : You didn't talk about gluing.
For anyone interested, you have to use a two part epoxy or West Marine System, or something similar. Helps to wipe joints with acetone first. Standard Titebond II will not be sufficient due to the high oil content and strength of this wood.
John King : I’ve a source of reclaimed ipe, using it for small projects, boxes, guitar stands etc. All I can say is it rewards the effort. Danish oil and grits up to two thou produce mirror finishes. Be prepared to spend half your life sharpening your tools though.
Steve Hangen : I have a piece that has been finish sanded with 2000 grit. It has a really high gloss finish and looks awesome. Love this wood
Eric D : And where exactly are the tips in that video?

Michael Oguntoye - CALLING (IPE)

“Calling” was made during the quarantine, this a little snippet of what’s yet to come.
Tunrayo A : This track has been on repeat since the day it dropped. God will continue to bless you
prince Teejay : Weldone Michael, more power from heaven to you ❤
mary Balogun :
Tee Hive : Amazing
Taiwo Adeyemi :
BeauTee Lounge :
Michael Kowem : Good one bro keep it up
RO SavedbyGrace :
Okeyinka Omolade :
Tee Time : Beautiful!! Don't leave us on "is coming" o! We dey wait




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